Sunday, July 13, 2014

oh yeah, I have a blog somewhere

It is so hard keeping up with social media, work websites, my slight obsession with pinterest etc. My blog post are always sporadic to say the least. This post is the first one of the this year. Since this should have been way back in January I feel like I need to make a list. Not a new year resolution list but a.....

Bucket List-though I do not like this title, I am going to come up with something more magical and encompassing. Note this list includes some already completed moments.

have a swing on a big front porch with pillows and a blanket
live on or very very near the sea (live on could be in a sailboat)
travel with a back pack all through Italy-Milan, Venice, Rome 
See David by Michelangelo Florence
spend some time in New Mexico- walk among Georgia O'Keeffe inspirations
kiss the blarney stone
have my jewelry worn in Charleston Fashion Week and beyond
access my house off a dirt road or two
purchase cowboy boots in Texas
To be able to do the sirsa padasana yoga pose
visit ancient ruins Athens, Greece
Be 80%/20% Raw
See the Aurora Borealis
view the Acropolis at Midnight
find and memorize my favorite poem, "Whose woods these are" does not count
assist in styling of photo shoots
complete a website
spend more time in a bathing suit then not
Be published in Garden & Gun and Charleston Magazine
free my heart-from hatred, abuse, hurt
to meet Chloe Sevigny and Drew Barrymore
road trip from coast to coast
ah take a cooking class......when um... I am a lot older
oh Paris! Eiffel tower, coffee shops, fashion houses
become a Minimalist have only memories and adventures, not things
wake up by a donkey in your window on a Greek Island (Naxos)
take a bikram yoga class
learn to ride a motorcycle/dirt bike
Go on a 10day retreat with no talking-just meditation and yoga
ski where the Winter Olympics have been held
sail across the Mediterranean sea
attend mass at the Vatican 
climb a Volcano-Santorini
Swim on top of the believed area of the lost city of Atlantis
do yoga on a paddle board
Scream really loud from somewhere very high
see the sunset in Oia
Write and illustrate a children's book-already have the story in mind and visuals
publish my sketchbooks/journal *names changed of course
travel to the Maldives- stay over in a hutch over the water or Bora Bora
Own a pair of shoes that cost a months mortgage- I know, but seriously I am from the sex and the city era
Own a bulldog
Own a french bulldog, name him Buddha or Gouda
transfer all film to digital
have fortune read from a crystal ball
Live in a loft in a downtown city-ok stay in for awhile
See Mayan Ruins
have my studio in a tree house
make a living off my paintings and jewelry
go on a mission
go to Africa and teach jewelry making skills-Janna wish I had gone with
help build a house with habitat of humanity
live on a farm, with chickens and a goat and a llama
stay barefooted all summer long
fish with a cane pole and worms I dug up
learn how to can and make preserves
have a fig tree
saber a bottle of champagne
to be continued is an understatement

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life lately

I have a new addition/addiction my English bulldog

I'm in love

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March madness

March is my favorite month, well of the cold months! It is the month of my birthday, St. Patrick's day, things are turning green... We wear green! I always feel that my birth month is like a new year. Time to reflect and prioritize. I tend to reflect too much! More productivity! New month = new you! I need a new me!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Love in the air

Warming up things for valentine's day!! Just got these lovelies from knot&bow:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2 0 1 3

I must say I love a new year, a new start, a do over....Looking forward to a lot of new changes this year.  New adventures to say the least are on the horizon!! Now this years "it color" according to Pantone is Emerald, which I love but I will always love some red!!
I want these to dispense things like erasers and four leaf clovers

I love a Marque Letter